November 2018 – The following statement is issued in response to rumours that the club has folded.

The 2018 season started with high hopes of running two teams in the Cambridgeshire League.  Unfortunately the 2nd XI was withdrawn after one game.  Major availability issues continued during the season and the 1st XI conceded a number of games.  Relegation for the third year running was a consequence.
As a result the club have entered a team for the 2019 season but have requested a slot in the lower divisions of the junior league.  This is intended to encourage younger members to step up from junior cricket to a level that they can compete in and enjoy. Some of the more experienced players wish to continue playing at a higher level and so have left the club.  This is perfectly understandable and the club wishes them well.
The task over the winter is to increase adult membership to support the team. It is impossible to predict how that search will go but in reality either there will be a team playing in 2019 or Weston Colville will have disappeared from the CCA.
Irrespective of the outcome of the above the junior section of the club will continue.  So the club is NOT about to fold. The next few months will determine the direction the club will take but for now the future of the adult team hangs in the balance.


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A meeting has been called for MONDAY SEPTEMBER 10th at 7:30pm in the Reading Room to discuss the future of the club.  It is essential anyone interested in the club (whether they be current, past or potential members) attends this meeting.

With a number of players already indicating that they will not be available for the 2019 season (for various reasons) the club has to evaluate the options for the future in terms of adult (weekend) teams.  The 2nd XI was withdrawn after one game this year after a poor response to availability and that issue has now crept into the 1st XI with two league matches conceded.  The deadline for entries for 2019 is the end of September so time is of the essence.

Clearly the decisions made regarding the senior team will have an effect on the juniors.  At this stage the club plans to continue with the junior section but the motivation to do so is based on producing cricketers that go on and play for our club.

The situation the club faces right now is the most serious in its 100+ year history so the attendance and outcome of this meeting will determine the future of the club.

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Club Shop now open

We are pleased to announce the opening of the on-line club shop.  Various items of clothing, all featuring the club logo are available to purchase.  Either select from the Links panel on the main web page or follow the link below.

Club Shop

2nd XI withdrawn from league

It is with regret that we have to announce that the 2nd XI have been withdrawn from the league.  Despite efforts to  get enough players it soon became clear that the club could not raise two teams every weekend.   This further illustrates the general situation within village cricket as players lean towards the T20 format in preference to the longer form of the game.  We hope that in the future the interest returns and the possibility of a 2nd XI can again be considered – but for now that option is some seasons away.

Junior Fixtures

Date TeamOpponentsVenueStart
Mon14-May-18U15Linton AAway18:00
Mon21-May-18U15Sawston & BabrahamHome18:00
Tue12-Jun-18U15Linton AHome18:00
Mon18-Jun-18U15Sawston & BabrahamAway18:00
Mon02-Jul-18U15Linton BHome18:00
Mon09-Jul-18U15Linton BAway18:00

Senior Nets – Update

A reminder that senior nets are on Monday evenings at Sawston Village College from 7:00pm – 8:00pm

Cost is £3 per session.  Last session is on March 26th.

Old and new members welcome.


Junior Awards

At the final coaching session of the year, awards were presented to junior players representing all four of the clubs teams.  Team managers and coaches discussed the overall season, looking at performance, teamwork and development to decide three award winners for each team.  Congratulations to all the winners.

U15 Premier

Dan Kell / Rob Magin / Joe Magrath

U15 Regional

Ned Westbrook / Harry Eade / Jasmine Westley


Kelly Haynes / Joe Wilson / Isaac Finch


Daniel Jackson / Zack Earl / Aayoush Trivedi

Additionally all U11 players received a medal for their part in winning the Borders League for the first time.


Please note that for 2018 the club will run three junior teams

U11 in the Borders League, and U13 & U15 in the CYCA League.

Winter Nets

Winter nets have been arranged as follows.

Sawston Village College

Every Monday from 7:00pm to 8:00pm for 10 weeks starting on January 22nd

Cost : £3 per session


Club Re-enters Midweek League

At the AGM it was decided to re-enter the Adams Harrison Midweek League.  It is important to have a pathway for players to progress in the game and to ensure our juniors progress to adult cricket it was felt that the 20 over midweek league was a good stepping stone to the 40 over weekend matches.  The club had withdrawn from the league a few seasons ago mainly because finding someone to organise and captain the team has proved difficult.  Hopefully now the availability and commitment will be there to ensure we keep our place in the league.  Reference to our return was made in the local press (click the link below for the article).


Cricket Laws Updated

A new Code of the Laws of Cricket has been issued by the MCC Committee.  It came into force on October 1st 2017 and is the first update since 2000. The ECB have written a summary document showing which laws have been changed.  One point of interest (quiz compilers please note) is that there are now only 9 ways to be dismissed.  This is because Handled the Ball is now merged into Obstructing the Field.

Click on the link below for the summary document.