November 2018 – The following statement is issued in response to rumours that the club has folded.

The 2018 season started with high hopes of running two teams in the Cambridgeshire League.  Unfortunately the 2nd XI was withdrawn after one game.  Major availability issues continued during the season and the 1st XI conceded a number of games.  Relegation for the third year running was a consequence.
As a result the club have entered a team for the 2019 season but have requested a slot in the lower divisions of the junior league.  This is intended to encourage younger members to step up from junior cricket to a level that they can compete in and enjoy. Some of the more experienced players wish to continue playing at a higher level and so have left the club.  This is perfectly understandable and the club wishes them well.
The task over the winter is to increase adult membership to support the team. It is impossible to predict how that search will go but in reality either there will be a team playing in 2019 or Weston Colville will have disappeared from the CCA.
Irrespective of the outcome of the above the junior section of the club will continue.  So the club is NOT about to fold. The next few months will determine the direction the club will take but for now the future of the adult team hangs in the balance.


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