A meeting has been called for MONDAY SEPTEMBER 10th at 7:30pm in the Reading Room to discuss the future of the club.  It is essential anyone interested in the club (whether they be current, past or potential members) attends this meeting.

With a number of players already indicating that they will not be available for the 2019 season (for various reasons) the club has to evaluate the options for the future in terms of adult (weekend) teams.  The 2nd XI was withdrawn after one game this year after a poor response to availability and that issue has now crept into the 1st XI with two league matches conceded.  The deadline for entries for 2019 is the end of September so time is of the essence.

Clearly the decisions made regarding the senior team will have an effect on the juniors.  At this stage the club plans to continue with the junior section but the motivation to do so is based on producing cricketers that go on and play for our club.

The situation the club faces right now is the most serious in its 100+ year history so the attendance and outcome of this meeting will determine the future of the club.

Please come along – YOUR CLUB NEEDS YOU !